Lenses and coatings – Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, progressive, computer, golf, Polaroid, reading, sunglasses, CR-39, polycarbonate, high index, UV 400 filter, Alize, Avance, Crizal, Definity, Definity Short, Varilux, Varilux Comfort and Comfort 360, Varilux Panamic, Varilux Physio and Physio 360, Varilux Ipseo and Zeiss

Lenses: Single Vision, bi-focal, tri-focal, and the Varilux family of no-line progressive bi-focals (www.variluxusa.com/variluxconsumerlenses/Pages/VariluxLenses.aspx).

Lens material: Plastic, glass, polycarbonate, trivex, and hi-index plastic.
All of our lens coating can be applied to any of our lenses.

Coatings: All of the Crizal family of AR coatings (www.crizalusa.com/Products/Pages/default.aspx), polarized, UV400 filter, transition, tints of different colors, and scratch resistant coatings.

In addition we offer specialty lenses for those who play golf or work on computers or for reading.